Here you can find some of the key research that informed the development of Down to the Coast. It includes:

East Wight Landscape Character Assessment, May 2015, (John Brownscombe)

  • A Landscape Character Assessment is a standard methodology for identifying, describing, classifying and mapping what is distinctive about our landscapes, in this case the East Wight. It shows us its variety and has helped us to understand what gives the East Wight its unique sense of place.  

Artscape, 2014, (Prof. Robion McInnes)

  • This report documents the artistic resource associated with the East Wight and considers how reliably it can be used to inform us about landscape change both in the past and the future.

IW Parks, Gardens and other Design Landscapes Historic Enviroment Action Plan, March 2015 (Dr Vicky Basford) 

  • The Historic Environment Action Plan provides a framework for identifying, recording and characterising significant designed landscapes, for conserving and enhancing these sites and raising public awareness and encouraging enjoyment of them. 

Eastern Yar River Restoration Plan, January 2015 (Ove Arup and Partners Ltd)

  • The purpose of this report is to provide a catchment-scale plan with suite of integrated measures aimed at restoring a functioning aquatic ecosystem.